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TouchID not working even after replacing metal plate. Error 53 solved

After replacing display I used to get error 53 which is resolved by replacing metal plate (ribbon). Even after solving ribbon issue and using original home button and parts my touch id is not sensing my finger print. When I go to add finger print in settings it does nothing. Doesn't sense my finger.

Already tried dusting off the contacts thoroughly but no avail.

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Have you tried factory restoring the device with the original home button? (this could be very risky if the button is damaged or it is not connecting properly.) Are there any signs of water damage in the device? Also how do all the connections look inside? Have you tried cleaning the connections with a ESD safe brush?

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No water damages at all. Cleaned connectors with soft tooth brush.

Will try factory reset later today and hope that fixes it.


Did factory reset but touch id is not sensing my finger .


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