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Alcohol to fix water damage but won't start up

My phone at first had lines on the screen and I knew it had to with water damage. I used 50% alcohol and put my motherboard in there, but I put it in 91% alcohol after realizing that 50% alcohol contains water. After the alcohol, I reassembled my iPhone and nothing would appear on the screen, but it gets warm. What can I do?

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Did you let the logic-board dry? You used a heat gun to try and dry it out? If you put it exactly after you took it out, is a problem.


Yes I did, Alex. I used a hair dryer on its highest setting.


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I have had a few experiences with accidentaly dropping phones into swimming pools. The only thing that I have found works is immediately stripping the phone down after water damage and leaving it either in the sunshine or on a warm (not too hot radiator or convector heater for at least 8 hours the longer the better.

DO NOT try and start the phone untill you have done that as that is when alot of damage can occur. Good Luck!

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