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Wierd Network issue with iPhone 6!

Hello everyone ! I work part time as iPhone repair technician and usually replaces screens and other parts of iPhones or iPads. I recently replaced a motherboard on 6 now phone's network is behaving weird it works for hours when using it no issues at all but sometimes when it's idle it get's no service thing. If i take battery out( Airplane mode or taking sim out results same no service) and put back n start it then it gets to searching and shows searching plus LTE sign i'm able to use internet as well make calls but searching keeps coming along 3-4 minutes even in carrier in settings it shows network name. Now if turn airplane mode on or off it even shows carrier name at top !! What it can be ? Can replacing the antenna come lighting part might solve it ? Any suggestions welcomes. I have followed guide as well no part or screw is missing.

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Make sure you put in all the screws for all the antenna parts. Follow the iFixit guide. If you mess up the screws for those little brackets all around the iPhone 6 housing, you will have network issues.

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Thanks for suggestion jake. yes all screws are at their place specially around antenna parts. What do you mean by mess up the screen for those little brackets ? Could it be because of bad housing ?


I meant screws. My bad.


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