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How can I remove ALL lint and dust with OCA screen Refurbishing?

Hey guys! I have started replacing the glass on broken iphone screens and have almost mastered the craft. My only problem is that when I finish a screen I have a handful of dust/lint particles under the screen! I understand that dust is much more noticable when you use OCA as opposed to LOCA but it is all I have at the moment and I would like to keep using OCA if possible. What are some of the methods/ types of cloths that you guys use to ensure that no dust or lint is left behind on the screen. Is it possible to get a dust/lint free final product using OCA? I would appreciate any advice!

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Many things you do can help with dust I'll quickly go over some options and if you need more advice let me know. I have a refurbishment lab in California and know exactly what your going through.

Setup a humidifier near where your rolling oca and applying glass.

Get a hepa air filter from local hardware store.

Build or buy a hud to put over where you roll and apply glass limiting the open air over your work space.

If your willing to spend money you can source a dust free room in China to setup your machines in. Adding the tips above will hopefully have you on your way soon. I haven't seen dust in a long time.

Best wishes.

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Thank you very much for responding! I was starting to get worried that eliminating dust was impossible. I will try what you said and let you know how it goes, thanks again


Also, I am wondering if it is also lint from the cloths that I am using. If you dont mind could you tell me what kind of cloths/solution you use when cleaning the glue off the lcd?


Absolutely, I use pure acetone you can buy In the paint section of Walmart or a home goods store, and I use an anti static lint free cloth. I can send you a link to it if that's allowed on here? I'm not sure if ifixit sells it.


Alright Ive been using alcohol and contact cleaner Ill try using acetone. Could let me know the brand of your wipes?


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