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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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Can see the files OS X


I can see my files on my mac, but when I try to copy them off I get about half way through (1) file I get an error message the file is in use. I get read errors when I use disk repair software. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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First thing I would try is a good replacement USB cable and a different USB port. How were this files stored? Time Machine backup or drag and dropped? Or saved to the Passport?

Next see if your have something running in the background and quit it by doing a force quit. Command - Option - Escape.

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Hi Thanks for the quick response. I replaced the cable and tried a different usb port. Even tried on a windows machine. The passport disk has 2 years of my dvd collection I had plugged in to a WD Media server. The media server and my macbook see the files in finder I can probably play the videos on my MAC. Obviously, there's something wrong with the drive so I want to get my movies off my passport. That's the issue, I drag the first movie off and halfway through it stalls, then I get an error. Not happy about starting from scratch with my dvds. Also, does anybody have a suggestion on a replacement drive for this purpose?


Next, I would put the drive in another external enclosure or use a n USB to SATA adapter. Boot in Safe Mode.


There's the problem. Normally, I would do the exact same thing. I went to my local computer store and this Passport has a western digital proprietary micro usb connector built in, so there's no type of case to put it in. While I was there I bought a nicer cable but that didn't work. My original thoughts were a case with plug in power would be enough to get it going one more time and get my files off the drive. I think I'm %#*@ close to throwing in the towel and making this another lesson in file care.


Would you mind posting a couple of photos of this connector? I'll then try to research out what other alternatives you might have. also please list the model number. I have a passport drive that I might open and see if mine is the same. What Disk repair Utility did you use ( I assume it was just Apples Disk Utility but I could be wrong. There are more sophisticated Utilities albeit higher dollar, that I use on tough cases.


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use the disk utility in recovery mode. follow this steps

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