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I want see the speaker ways of this mobile

Huawei g 620s not working ringer speaker.please help me how slove this problem.

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Is the speakerphone option working?

(To test, make a call and press the loudspeaker symbol on the lower left of the screen to turn it on or off)

This uses the same speaker that is used by the ringer.

If the speakerphone does not work, your ringer will not work either because there is something wrong with the speaker, either it is loose or it is faulty.

If the speakerphone does work then you need to check your ringtone options.

Check the following:

That the desired ringtone has been selected and that the ringtone option has not been set to music and that the music file may be missing or corrupt.

Settings > All > Device > Sound > Phone Ringtone > Ringtone > select option

The ringtone volume has been turned up

Settings > All > Device > Sound > Volume > ensure ringtone slider is turned up

The phone has not been set to silent mode

Settings > All > Device > Sound > Silent Mode tap to turn on or off

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