A rather complicated set of issues

I recently replaced the screen on my iPhone 4 and the repair went off without a hitch at first. About a day later, after i had plugged it in for about an hour, i picked it up and it was VERY hot . So i unplugged it and let it cool and tried to turn it on and.... nothing so i plug it in and to my relief it turns on and boots. It gets to the lock screen and i see 100% battery and WiFi and Bluetooth are off. i attempt to turn on WiFi and I see "WiFi is not available" and as i'm puzzling over this the screen turns white and the phone shuts down... and begins rebooting. the phone continued to loop in 5 min cycles, and upon further observation i realized that the phone doesn't work at all if unplugged and i have no wireless connectivity (cell, WiFi or Bluetooth) and the debug data is showing a string of panic logs all pointing to a bug type 110 caused by WDT timeout.

At this point im at a loss. I've tried resetting, turning airplane mode on and off, reseating the battery connector and various other proposed solutions to the separate problems. the only solution i haven't been able to attempt is restoring, as i always get an error 21 probably due to the phone loosing power as the restore begins.

In the end the phone is far out of warranty (i've had it for 3 years)

I would really appreciate the help on this

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Have you tried going back through the guide and making sure you didnt miss anything? The iPhone 4 repair requires taking apart the whole phone basically. It's rare that a crappy screen could do that to the phone, you might want to try the other screen if it works at all.


I would try a new screen + battery and see if that helps if not it could either be a software issue or possibly a logic board problem (phone isnt worth as much as the board sometimes


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