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Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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Why is my laptop restarting when power adaptor plugged in?

When i turn on my acer 5735z with the power adaptor plugged-in it boots up but cannot continue, it will restart. But when i boot it up without the power adapter or by using only the battery it continues booting up.

Where would be the problem? Thanks for the answers.

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How far does it get with the plug in?


until windows Welcome, i am using windows 7.

these are the troubleshooting that i did:

1) replacing memory card

2) replacing harddrive

3) resetting cpu and putting some thermal paste

4) tried using other power adapter


When you replaced the hard drive, did you reinstall Windows?


yes, but it didn't continue, it restarts somewhere where it asks for a computer name, after inputting the computer name and clicking next, it restarts. i manage to finished it when i tried to remove the power adapter, i am using its battery.


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You could have one of two possibilities. 1. Your power plug/jack in your laptop might be broken. I had a similar situation. The computer would only start with the battery. Switching batteries allowed the computer to work until it drained. I had two identical laptops and I would switch the batteries out to confirm that it wasnt the battery or power cable. After testing the power plug/jack inside the laptop while connected to the power adapter cable, I determined that the power plug/jack was damaged internally and wouldn't allow the battery to charge properly. 2nd possibility is that the charging/power section in the laptop motherboard might be toast. A motherboard swap would be required. A new/refurb motherboard is the last thing I would change. Just did a quick ebay search and found a few under $30 shipped. Again, last resort would be a motherboard swap.

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i found this article, would it be possible that this problem would be same as this?

Why it goes off when plugged AC/DC adaptor


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hey i have the same problem and what i find funny i my case is that when you try to boot in safe mode… no problem no matter if you where plugged or not try it…

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