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Just get a black screen but can hear it power up?

I was ready to start using my laptop as usual and out of the sudden the screen turned black. I can hear it power up, the fan works, etc. How can I fix it?

Thanks for any advice!!!

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Since the fan is ON, that is a good sign that the motherboard is working.

On the laptop there should be an indicator of an object shaped like a can, does it appear to be blinking?

Was the laptop ever dropped/slammed shut after the last time it was used?


Turn On laptop and let it boot up (I know you cant tell if it is on or not but give it few minutes then...

Hold down one of the keys on the keyboard for at least 30 seconds you should get a response sound, that should indicate that the computer is on but now may be the back light of the LCD. If you have a flash light shine it at the screen from the sides to see if you can see any images on. This can help determine if the back light failed.

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The laptop was never dropped or slammed shut. I did all the tests you asked me, got the response sound, the indicator is blinking, and with the flashlight I was able to see several icons on the left side of the screen and the recycle bin at the bottom right corner. What is the next step? Thanks again!!!


The back light bulb(CCFL ) on the screen failed, these tend to go out over time. Just like any light bulb. The next step would be to disassemble the screen from the laptop.

Remove the frame from the screen, this may require removing screws/simply wedge a flat object/prying tool (plastic preferably) once the frame is removed at the bottom of the screen in the middle section there will be a circuit board which is called the Inverter, this can fail as well. (you can test it by checking the output voltage) Follow the white and pink wires it shall lead you to the bulb. Be very careful with the bulb it is very skinny and easy to break. Length of bulb is close to the width of the LCD.

Some laptops that I have worked on before I had to pop off the cover above the keyboard to gain access to remove screws that may hold down the hinges of the screen. NOTE: you may not have to remove the hinges unless you want to work on the screen comfortably.

Find the parts on ebay pretty cheap



Hey Rick were you able to work on the laptop?


Thank you Ernesto so very much for all your help. I haven't being able to work in my laptop. I let the laptop on aver night since it was doing all kind of updates. I haven't use it for about 2 years. I was working today, Just read your last message, I will work on the laptop probably on Wenesday, is my day off. In the mean time I will learn how to disassemble the screen.

Again thank you very much for all your help and for share your knowledge with people like me.. I'm not that computer or technology savvy.

I will keep you updated with my laptop.



Your welcome Rick. Anytime. It is what I do and I enjoy sharing the knowledge with others. Any questions I be glad to answer.


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