PS3 8002F310 Error, GLOD without hard drive.

My PS3 is have 2 separate errors, which is making it a bit hard to diagnose.

I upgraded the hard drive to a 1TB (kept the original hard drive), and now I'm receiving a 8002F310 error. Typically the solution is to restart the console into safe mode with another hard drive, get that second hard drive updated via safe mode, swap the original back in. I understand that solution, and I've done it before.

The problem is without the 1TB hard drive, the PS3 does not turn on. It gives me a GLOD (turns on, green light, black screen). This happens with the stock hard drive and an unformatted 2nd back up, but also with no hard drive at all (which should produce a "no hard drive" error).

I would guess this would be an issue with the GPU, however whenever I plug the 1TB back in, it turns on just fine, but continues to be stuck in the firmware update loop. So I know it's not necessarily a GPU issue.

At this point my only guess is that the PS3's onboard OS that has safe mode install isn't working and that...I have no idea how to even address.

So to summarize:

  • Upgraded, 1TB hard drive: 8002F310 firmware update loop
  • Original, Stock 40TB hard drive (unformatted): GLOD
  • Secondary, 120GB drive (both unallocated and formatted to FAT32): GLOD
  • No HDD: GLOD
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