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Fourth generation of the Toyota Pickup.

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Can I put a *87 toyota transmission in my 84 toyota pickup?

I am looking to buy a 87 toyota pickup for parts to my 84 Toyota. Can I use the transmission from the 87 to put in my 84?

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Offhand, I think yes. But double check by calling a wrecking yard where they have interchange books to confirm.


Are the transmissions manuals? The 84 pickup should come with the g52 and the 87 pickup should come with the g54. They are the same transmissions from the outside but internally the g54 has a stronger gear set.


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The 84 pickup should have come with the g52 transmission. The 87 pickup should have come with the g54 transmission. Both should bolt up to the 22r engine. The two transmissions are the same on the outside but the g54 has a stronger gear set.

According to Marlin Crawler:

The G54 has a sealed front input bearing that is 3mm wider than the early style G52 that had the narrow 20mm open face bearing.

With the wider input bearing, both the input and front countershaft constant run gears got a greater helix angle resulting in a stronger gear set.

Also, G54's have larger pilot roller bearings and aluminum alloy 1/2, 3/4 shift forks.

Both gear sets fit all '84 to '87 housings. Just be sure to use the proper nose cone. The G54 has a deeper recess to make room for the wider bearing.

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