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TomTom global positioning device. released in November 2010. it has a six inch touch screen and a black sleek design.

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Won't connect to computer

Seems to be problem within the tom tom that the computers do not recognize it. Have had their people remotely work and find all seems to be well in the computer. I am on Windows 10 - also tried it on older "Vista" operating computer and same thing. Is there someone out there (hopefully in central Florida) that has the ability to fix/refurbish the device for me?

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I just now got this problem fixed on my laptop that runs Windows 10. When I first got the Tom Tom, it had me install TomTomHome NOT MyDrive Connect. So, I've searched and searched for the answer to finding the drivers and resetting and restarting and can't you just take my firstborn child or my right arm or should I just sell my soul, or what?

After much frustration and hair pulling, I decided that since I could not find a version of MyDrive Connect that is listed with the Via 1605, that I would download a version of MyDrive for the Via that looked most like mine (Go to Scroll until you see Download for MAC or PC...Download and install) . Instant fix. Where it would absolutely not be recognized by the TomTom HOME app, it immediately recognized the device, even though it was listed as a program for other TomToms but not mine.

Hope that helps!

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Make sure you are connecting the gps directly to the pc and not through the gps mount. For some reason when usb cord is plugged into the mount it doesn't recognise it.

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The connection problem may appear randomly and with little or no warning. Because there are many possible reasons, eradication of eradication problem is necessary. This process is useful for fixing a computer that will not be connected to the internet.

Follow some steps for connection.

Step 1:

Make sure the website you are trying to reach is not a problem. Use a large website like Google or Microsoft, enter your full website address in the browser's address field.

Step 2:

Check the browser's configuration, disable proxy options that can be set. From the Windows Start menu, open Control Panel. Select Internet Options and then navigate to the Connection tab. Click the button labelled "LAN Settings" and unchecked the box below the proxy server. Click "OK" to apply the new settings . Visit here: Garmin Sat Nav Update

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