MacBook Pro 7,1 won't turn on

So I have a macbook pro a1278 from 2010, and it wasn't turning on, which I figured down to the keyboard being bad. everything else worked, and it worked with external keyboard.

So I ordered a new keyboard/backlight to install

Today I installed the new keyboard and backlight, and put the machine back together, and when I plug it in, the charger light won't even turn green or orange, and it won't power on with a full battery.

After checking connections and other things, changing out the DC jack with 2 other DC jacks, I get nothing. (actually the green light on the charger came on once, but not again)

So I removed the Logic board, along with the speaker, microphone, DC jack, both ram sticks, and I plugged it into another a1278 body, and it works perfect.

So my question is, could the new keyboard be causing the charger light not to work?

and if not, what other parts left in the original MBP could be causing this issue?

here is the specs on everymac of my computer:

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