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L'Apple iPhone 5s è stato presentato il 10 settembre 2013. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è simile a quella dei modelli precedenti e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. Disponibile nelle versioni GSM o CDMA con capacità di 16 , 32 o 64 GB nei colori Argento, Oro e Grigio Siderale.

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Broken Touchscreen I can't turn off. Device with removed homebutton

Hi everybody i'm pilgrimjagger and i know that maybe i have to introduce myself first

but i have a big big problem. I'm new in fixing but i tried to replace the front glass of my iphone 5s the problem is that after i opened it and removed the glass i connected the lcd to my opened iphone and i turned on to see if the lcd work and it doesn't work, so now i have a disassembled iphone turned on and i'm scared it could explode... i was figuring out if i could remove the battery i've tryed waiting for him to die but the iphone's battery its stucked on 39% i think its because i removed the lcd and all the components included the home button... any suggestion?

Update (01/04/2016)

pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Don't worry it won't explode... the battery has a connector which can be removed to power of. once you installed the new lcd did you try to turn on the screen? if you put the old screen back is that one showing anything?


No i try to explain myself better. i had not installed the new lcd because i don't have it. The iphone is not mine but my brother's phone. He asked me to repair it because i repaired some of my smartphones some time ago. I told him that it was better to change the whole lcd because remove only the front glass was really hard (and his iphone was bad damaged in several parts) but he really wanted me to try so i tryed(and obviously failed). i have installed the old lcd on the phones because i wanted to see if it works (i wanted to see if i made the process in the right way) and it doesn't work so now i have the old lcd connected to the turned on iphone. So you think i can just remove the battery? nothing bad will happen to the iphone?

We are waiting for the new lcd to be sent.


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I'm very nervous about unplugging batteries when the device is still on. This has been known to cause issues, likely because of a short being caused during the disconnect.

I currently have an iPad Air 2 I've been letting discharge on its own for 2 WEEKS now because I don't want to risk damaging the device by disconnecting the battery.

More often than not, you'll be okay. I just don't like taking risks like that, especially on a customer's device.

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