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No picture on my lg tv

When I turn on the tv the lg symbol comes on for about a tenth of a second. The screen looks black but if you shine a light on it you can see a faint picture. Is it the backlight or inverter? Can I fix it myself?

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My thanks to oldturkey03

The model number is 50LN5600-UI. I haven't taken back off yet. Is it possible to replace this myself? Any idea how much the part is? LG wanted $284 just to come and look at it. I would trash it than pay that.


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I would say absolutely. My first choice would be the Power Supply / LED Board LG EAY62810801 (EAX64905501(2.0)). Available at places like this. Read the note " Models that use this power supply are also HIGHLY susceptible to LED failure. What may seem like a power supply failure may be caused by the failure of one or more LEDs inside the panel (screen)." Little trickier but still repairable. Some place that sells the PSU also sells the LED strips. Currently out of stock. Contact their customer service for more help.


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@hankt that sounds like a bad inverter. Depending on your model it may have a separate inverter board or it may be integrated with the power supply board. If you can give us the exact model number of your TV, we may have more information. It will also help if you can post some good images of the board that are mounted on the inside of your TV with your question. Use this guide for that.

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