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How to fix peeled laminate counter top?

My laminate counter has warped and peeled, creating a bubble on one edge. Is there a way to fix this? Do I need to remove the entire counter top?

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Use a tech knife: Precision Utility Knife

Slit the bubble down the middle. Glue one half of it down. Then push the other side down and trim it to fit the glued down piece. Glue it into position. Use tile grout to fill and seal the split.

Immagine Precision Utility Knife


Precision Utility Knife


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You could try sanding the surfaces of the laminate and substrate where it has peeled, and use waterproof adhesive to stick it back again.

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I think this requires a bit more than just sticking it back down. It has warped and won't lay flat when I push it back down.


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