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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Device was dropped in a glass of Coke 32g iPod Touch 1st gen

I have replaced the screen. I have replaced the battery. The device reads when connected but the screen never shows up. Is there a problem with the screen or did i make a mistake on my assembly. I was thinking that maybe the coke got into the logic board as well???

Should I take back apart and replace that too.

I was trying to avoid that because the part was so expensive.

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Did you try puting in a new logic board if it does not help send it in to apple if its still in warinty. if not then you sould also bring it into the genuis bar before you send it into apple through the mail.

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when my brother dropped his ipod in water he put it in some salt for 1-3 days and it was fine.and my freind left her ipod in some rice for 24 hours and it was good as new

Good Luck


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Never use salt it is corrosive it will do more harm than good. They should have taken them apart and cleaned the circuit boards with rubbing alcohol to remove and prevent conductive residue and corrosion.

da that as an answer.


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