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Repair guides and support for your LG TV.

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How To Repair Board HDMI not working on LG TV model 47LE400UC

Have LG LCD model 47LE5400 UC want to know what has to be replaced on the board since this board no one has the HDMI are not working at all

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I had this same issue. I lost all HDMI, USB, Ethernet, and antenna ports. Since the TV is out of warranty, and I couldn't harm it further, I decided to open up the TV and remove the main board. I placed a pizza stone in the oven (do not use a metal pan!) and heated it to 385 degree F. I placed the board on the pizza stone and baked it for 10 min to soften the solder joints. Once cool (do not move the board until cool!), I put the board back into the TV and powered it on. I plugged in my PS4 to test it and like magic the TV works again. All ports are usable and I saved myself a $235 repair bill. And now I don't have to buy a new TV! Hope this helps!

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how easy is it to get to the ports in TV ! may try to replace the PCB Board I'm afraid ill ruin it ...


I can hear the sound but every port I out , I see only grey and white lines a55" LG anyone know how to replace ! Please Help me ****


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See if you can down load the service manual for the TV or find the Board type on the PCB somewhere. Note you some large scale ICs that do signal conversion before it gets to main processor and there are a fair amount of surface mount components on the board. Depending on your capability you might be able to change these components, but it might be les hassle buying a replacement PCB on eBay or the likes as replacing components if you're not careful static might do more damage than good.

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