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The Nokia Lumia 830 is an economical smartphone developed by Microsoft Mobile.

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My camera no longer works, can I replace it?

I've dunked my Lumia 830 into a stream, and it worked for a bit -- off and on -- but now the camera is permanently dead. Camera apps refused to run.

I've tried rice bag for a few weeks, but it's still dead.

Is this a component that can be replaced?


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Yes you can replace this part. Here is a link that you can purchase the camera replacement part at:.

Click For link

And here is the link to show you how to take it apart.:

Calvin Mogilinski

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It can be replaced, its just wether or not its worth it. with the phone being after damaged theres a 50 50 chance that the phone will continue to give you issues, you might be better off just getting a new phone all together.

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Thanks guys. I listened to Kyle Wiens on a podcast this morning and I'm inspired. And it's probably not worth it to fix, but I'll give it a shot. It'll be fun.

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