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La famiglia MacBook è stata introdotta nel maggio 2006, sostituendo l'iBook nel ruolo del laptop Apple indirizzato al mercato consumer.

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The light on the charger will only stay on orange.

My charger light is stuck on orange. The computer was on charge all night, but it has not held the charge. And it used to go green, it does not now?

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Bad battery.

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A little more justification for why you think that's the issue would be helpful. :)


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Check the battery health buy downloading Coconut Battery (freebee). Also check in Apple/About this Mac/Info and look for your battery manufacturer. If it says Sony then Apple has a real bad batch of Sony supplied batteries. It's not a recall, but it you take it to Genius bar, they will run a special diagnostic (I think they just check it's serial against their secret serial list) and if it's on their you get a new one. Those batteries have been known to swell and even explode.

I took my 2.5 year old battery *really out of warranty* but only had 40 cycles on it that wouldn't hold a charge. He checked the diagnostics, reached behind him, pulled out a brand new battery *this one is made by SMC*, handed me back the MBP and said thanks for coming in. No charge, no issues.

So check out the battery.

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