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The PlayStation Vita is the successor to the PSP. It contains a beefed up processor and graphics, and includes the addition of a second analog stick. It was released February 15, 2012.

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It won't turn on and I've tried everything.

Whenever I plug my PS Vita into an outlet with the normal cord it does nothing, but when I plug it into a computer the PS button stays black until I try and power it on. That's when it blinks orange once for about a second. I've looked around for a fix but have never gotten one. It would be great if somebody could help.

Another bit of info: I left the thing to charge all night (7 hours) with the same results as previously stated.

The system has been dead for 5-8 months with no sign of powering on.

The only game used in the system is Little Deviants. (Not a very good game)

There has been no damage to the system. (Falling, water, heat, freezing, ect...)

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I need help. my ps vita has been dead for 2 years and I have been charging it for awhile now and it has not blinked orange yet or even done anything. To check, I turn on the power button on for five seconds and it still did nothing. I have the proper charger


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confusing one....

i would say that the charger is dead and you can't charge it trought USB

can you test somehow your charger? or maybe lend working-one-for-sure?

if it's dead for 5 months then you need to charge it for at least 20min to power it up

i preffer to try to charge it with working charger overnight

if still nothing

take it appart (check for junk or blown stuff while you'r inside) remove the battery and meassure it it should be >3.2v<4.2v

if not the battery may be dead

if it's <3.2v it may be dead or discharged compleatly

it's common that the Li-Ion 's die when have charge under 3v for long time

maybe try to replace the battery from friend's ps vita?

then try to power it up,if it does your charger, charging port, battery or smth like that is broken

let me know after your research...

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The charger is dead from what I can tell and the battery may be the problem. The thing is, that I did use my working charger overnight (the computer) but it is still not powering on. The only thing is if the battery were dead wouldn't the orange light not come on when I press and hold the power button?


Also none of my friends have a PS vita so i couldn't check that solution.


Also thanks for responding so quickly, I thought it would take a week minimum to get any sort of answer.


you know it's luck how i respond, i have my own life and i don't sit 24/7 on my bloody laptop (can't buy myself an pc (too expencive)

"i would say that the charger is dead and you can't charge it trought USB"

"The thing is, that I did use my working charger overnight (the computer)"

please read and make my life easier....


try to get hand on other charger (i would say it can fix it but there is no "for sure")


Sorry for offending you and thanks for the help.


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I’ve basically got the same problem but once it’s fully charged I try to turn it on and the battery is dead again

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Never mind I just got it to turn on again. Finally. It’s been a whole year that it wouldn’t turn on for


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