How can I fix my NO AUDIO Bose soundlink mini speaker?

I dropped my Bose soundlink mini speaker into a very wet place. I think the water went into the speaker. And suddenly, it went no audio, no sound anymore. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

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Hi Alice,

first it would be interesting, if the device is completly ,,dead", or if just the sound does not work properly. Does the LED its work? Are there any noises while turning on the speakers?



Have the same issue, speaker was dropped into a pool for about 15 seconds. Speaker was allowed to dry for several hours and was working until I shook it like an idiot. Now it flashing red on the power button and 3 white lights flash (mute, Bluetooth and aux lights) when I remove it from the charging base. Is there a fix for this.


Just checked to make sure and I have the older. Old Soundlink mini since it doesn’t have the usb connector. Same issue just thought it was a version 2.


Ok since it’s been a year since the damage occurred I just checked everything out again. It’s a Bose Soundlink Mini with 6 buttons on top and a power jack and aux jack on the right side. If I plug in the power cord or put it on the power base and hit the power button it appears to turn on, Bluetooth connects with my phone but no sound is heard. About a minute or so after the unit connects the red battery light beings to flash and nothing seems to work until it unplug the power and start again.

Like I mentioned in a earlier post the speaker took a dip in the pool for about 15 seconds. I retrieved it and after it drained I felt it in the sun sideways for a few hours. It connected and played music, until I shook it (I know stupid move, I was an idiot) and it has not worked since. Did I fry something serious or just kill the batter?


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