Si tratta della 6° replica di Iphone Apple, annunciata il 12 Settembre, 2012. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è del tutto simile a quella delle precedenti versioni di Iphone e richiede l'impiego di cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. È disponbile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16,32, o 64 Gb di memoria, nei colori nero o bianco

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Is there any way to recover the contacts from this phone?

Hi, a friend of mine brought his iPhone 5 to me after his display stopped working. I figured a new screen would sort the problem. After putting a known and tested working screen on the device, it still shows no display.

The phone is otherwise working fine except that there is no display and digitizers are unresponsive on the device (it still buzzes and beeps, and is recognized by the computer). I've told him that he basically needs a new phone as the damage is on the boards side. However, he desperately needs to save the pictures and contacts on the phone.

There is no iCloud on the device but there is a passcode, and without being able to type in the passcode or click "Trust", we can't link it to iTunes. There is also no other computer that the phone has synced with that will automatically pass the "Trust" window.

Is there any way we can possibly get data off this device?

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Well, when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window. Now, allow me to show you the way to that window.

iPhone Data Recovery has always been a life saver for iPhone users. It is designed to restore contacts as .csv, .vcard, .html formats and saved to Mac or PC with no complicated steps. All Below is a description of how to perform iPhone Data Recovery. Read now to get back your lost contacts on your iPhone SE, 6s/ 6s Plus/ 6/ 6 Plus, iPad Pro/ Air 2/ mini 4, etc.

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iRefone is one of the best way to recover data including contacts from iPhone, iPad and iPod or from iTunes or iCloud backup files.


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If the device is not updated past iOS 8, Apple may dump some of the unencrypted content with a search warrant from the police. If the device is updated, no one on this planet can decrypt the data.

However repairing the board itself to get the touch back working might be possible.

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Hmm is there any way i can control what is seen on the screen without using the phones' digitizer?


Seeing is not important as you need the digitizer to input passcode and tap "trust". You can do that blindly without the LCD working, but no digitizer, no inputs.


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Buy This and Return it after Your Done you can find this at Walmart or Target, Best Buy. keep the working screen on and plug the lightning HDMI adapter and you should be able to get image on your tv so you can unlock the device once you do plug a lightning cable to the adapter and to the pc and you can back it up or save the info he needs. Good luck.

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Will try that, thank you so much.


Problem is the touch is also not responsive, so the file system cannot be unlocked. There is practically nothing anyone can do.


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