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Modello fine 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,4 GHz o i7 2,8 GHz

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MiniDisplay Port doesn't work; one chip stays warm during sleep.

Hi fixer community,

I got a coffee-damaged MBP that was brought back to life after professional washing in a sonic washer. I had to change the battery for a non-Apple one, and keyboard, both working well.

However, I just noticed, days later (I don't usually turn off my computer), that a chip stays warm even during sleep. The battery discharge during sleep is also abnormally high (about 70% after 4 hours). I tested in another Mac OS X, freshly installed overnight, reset SMC, and still same result, so it doesn't look like a software issue.

This is a chip marked "Parade SB 8301". From the very few information I could gather on it, it seems linked to the HDMI conversion. Meanwhile, HDMI projection to a LCD TV doesn't work: the TV just displays "no signal". It is a QFN package, so basically impossible to replace without specialized equipment

Since MiniDisplay and Thunderbolt share the same port, it could be relevant to know that Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2 keeps on reappearing in the App Store.

What would cause this chip to stay warm and continue to use juice?

Does anybody has a datasheet for it?

And how would I restore HDMI projection?

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Almost too hot to touch. The only repair shop I could find here refuses to change it because of the high risk involved in pulling a malfunctioning chip from an otherwise OK computer. Obviously I don't have the skills nor tools to remove a QFN chip, nor any source for the component.


That's actually good cause you know that's most of the problem. There are many good mail services both on google and ebay that are credible I would search for some in spare time try to get a lower quote cause you can steer them in right direction.


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Your right about the chips function it's U9310 super driver for display port. Is it warm or hot hot? If it feels too hot to touch it's shorted out which explains why display port not working. This needs to be replaced, the right repair shop can do this if you feel you don't have the soldering skills to pull it off.

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