TEKKies MBpro not charging -on battery, works fine R7005 & U7000 boil

Dearest Forum !

i have above mentioned computer (from my sister) wishing to repair.

820-3115 i have schematic and boardview. and im learning how to use them.

Power Rail PP3.42 is present. No short to ground.

No Power from SMC_BC_ACOK. from onewire.

thus no green light,

I checked isl6259 wich is getting really hot.

I used Louis (thank you man - you are inspiring !!) method wit isoprop alc. on the board to see evaporation -

isl is getting really hot and r7005 is almost boiling.

i had a reading of 400ohm on R7005 wich is supposed to be 20ohm. replaced it with a 22ohm for testing...

its burning again. i have a new isl6259. should swapping the isl this fix the prob?

just got a hot air station, an oszilloscope etc because i want to fix this.

ive been experimenting with old ram modules to test hot air - and didnt want to get on the "good" board yet with the isl6259. changing r7005 with hot air was the first thing i did on the board... looks so easy when louis is soldering chips. its f.... hard work,

i will learn. need the right calibr. for the hot air... flow and temp. then all will be fine,

will it help to replace isl6259? or am i overlooking something?

thnk you so much for all information!!!


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