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series of LCD panel replacements epic fail

I am trying to repair a Macbook Air that had broken hinges and severed cables. I ordered a replacement LVDS cable from ebay, which has signal lines for the display and iSight / ambient light sensor. When I put it all together, the original display was all white with faint rainbow colored vertical lines (kind of pastel colored) all over the screen. I was advised by another local repair person that this is a common manufacturer defect of the LCD panel, and the LCD panel also needed to be replaced. I had him test the logic board (I don't know what he did) and he thinks it's fine, and I agree. The display signal coming from the external miniDVI port is great. So since then, I have been through 4 (four) LCD panel replacements and all of them have the same symptom: all white screen with faint rainbow colored vertical lines everywhere.

So I am now going to order another LVDS cable. The question is, how many revisions of this cable (more accurately, this wire harness) are out there, and how do I identify the different ones? If I could get that info, maybe I could prove to the ebay seller that the item I bought was not as described and get a refund.



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So I received my LVDS cable for the left side hinge today. I installed it, and . . . same problem! Not surprising because before installing it, I did a visual side-by-side comparison on the new cable (differentiated from the old one by a sticker with Chinese writing on it), and it appeared identical to the previous one. I am really angry about this because there are so many variables and I don't know who to blame (besides my customer and myself for being continually optimistic / foolhardy). The seller of the cable was (I suppose a direct competitor to, and they claimed that this cable was compatible with the 1.6 - 1.86 GHz model Macbook Air, which covers the first and second generation models.

So I may have four incompatible displays in a row (which a local repair shop is telling me is not unlikely), or two incompatible LVDS cables in a row, or both. Or something about the video LVDS cable connector on the logic board is fried. Or all three d-;

Any thoughts, anyone?


Thanks for the answer. 90% ^4 leaves me with only a 65% probability that it was an LCD problem / incompatibility, and the sellers claim that they have sold hundreds of these parts with very good feedback ratings. Your comments inspire me to try to "rework" the logic board using the tea light candle trick to heat and reflow the solder joints.

There's a chance that when the cable was severed due to a broken hinge, the shearing force could have jerked the connctor socket and partially broken it.


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Bad Lcd panels

contribute to about 90% of white screen problems. . . the other problem could be a loose connection between connector plug and socket, or a cold solder joint / cracked track just underneath the "connector socket" on the Logic board.

On the back of the LCD is a manufacturing sticker that lists the specifications/part number of that LCD... if you are ordering "compatible" LCDs that should eliminate them as a source of error, and point to problems with the connector.

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Good Luck,


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It turned out to be a problem with the logic board. I had another MacBook Air come through my shop and I tested those LCD panels that I wasn't able to return with it, with my extra LVDS cable, and they worked perfectly. I am using the computer right now with an external monitor at my place of business, and I sold off all the extra repair parts, so I can't take the board out to a place where they have an infrared microscope and solder reflow machine, so I can't say definitely where the problem is, but it's on the logic board somewhere.



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