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no sound and picture

Request assistance. I have a LG 55LX6500; when I turn the TV on, the power and backlight is on but there is no sound or picture. Also none of the menu option is displays on the screen. I unplugged the TV for an hour and retired it but same issue.

Please advise. Ulua78

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Any pattern blinking from the front LED's?


When I turn the TV on, the panel LEDs lights initially come on and then they turn off. only the LG logo light stay on.

Also the screen also lights up initially but then it dims out. there is still no picture or sound. I do notice theres a delay between the time I hit the off button to when the TV actually shuts off.


Can you take the back off and take plenty of picture of the individual boards. Make sure that the set is unplugged. You have a multimeter and a bit of experience in repairs? Use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda to add images.


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Thank you okdturkey03 for your assistance, I had a friend take and look at it and I believe he found the problem. It looks like I have a few bad capacitors on my Power Supply Board. Gonna have to order me a new board or some new capacitors and see if he be willing to change them out.

Thanks again & have a great day.

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Great, good to hear you are getting it fixed. Let us know if there are any othe issues.


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