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Apple ha lanciato il MacBook Pro 15" Unibody con un nuovo case in alluminio ricavato lavorando un singolo blocco di metallo.

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No alerte after battery replacement.


After changing my battery on my Mac, I haven't alert to plug the power sector cable.

When I was 7% the mac shutdown with no alert.

Best Regards.

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Let's backup here a bit. The issue is the system shutting down when the power is low without notification. This is where the SMC services stores the battery status. Did you try resetting it as well as cycle your battery a few times so the value within SMC was correct?

First download this great little app: coconutBattery. Here's a bit more: How to diagnose MacBook battery problems, and replace a MacBook battery

Then follow this Apple T/N: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac.

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Hi Dan, I have Resetting the (SMC), but no change for me. Mac shutdown when battery gauge show me 7%. So I go to test coconutBattery App. Thank.


Read the MacWorld article as well it has a few links in it that can also help.


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Send it in for warranty repair. You pay shipping.

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A new battery could be bad. ???


Yes, they can be over charged, over heat, on and on. I hate replacement baterys because the device will work like gold, then the batery goes. You replace the batery and your device acts up or dies. Happens every time for me. I only get and use exact matches for batery replacement and still i end up buying a new device.


EC Se seems to be a graduate level student at the University of Mis-information. With a minor in Old Wives Tales. It's very seldom that I've seen anyone give as many uninformed answers. Here's the facts on your lithium ion Mac Battery:


Thanks Mayer! Urban legends are alive and well :-)


Not sure about any of the answers by this individual. Very strange bugger indeed. Sorry I spend my downvotes for today, something I very seldom do. Thanks Dan and mayer....


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