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carrier unlock via hardware

So I have a phone locked the 3 network in the UK. I checked this with apple and with 3, which they both confirmed. However, despite trying a few different sims from 3, I can't activate the phone, it just keeps telling me that the sim isn't from a network for the phone. I've also tried sims from pretty much every other uk network provider to be sure as well.

So I suppose at this point, I'm wondering if there's something in the hardware I can change to make it unlocked?

Any help would be massively appreciated

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Have you tried y restoring your Iphone using Itunes? As per the attached link

It may reset something in your phone. Just a thought.


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You could root it. This voids warentys.

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You should contact your carrier so they will contact Apple to remove the SIM lock policy. It is impossible to lose the lock from hardware. The only possible workaround from us is to use a SIM spoofer to fool the activation and lockdown. This will have side effects, mostly connectivity issues.

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