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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Rectangle surrounds "slide to unlock" & passcode won't work

I've held the home & power buttons down for the 10 seconds recommended, then when boots up there's a rectangular line surrounding the "slide to unlock". When it DOES allow the passcode page to appear (won't always do or takes a lot of time), there's also the same skinny rectangle going from screen edge to edge surrounding the passcode icons that always fill in as passcode is entered; those icons do not "fill in" when passcode is attempted & the # entered is slow to respond or won't respond at all. The circle surrounding the # entered becomes framed by a square, which has never happened in the past. The I-pad will not respond to my passcode & the last time I tried I got that stupid fast-talking-annoying-lady-voice who plagued my I-phone not long ago & caused me to lose all info & had to return phone. Stupidly I don't/didn't even KNOW how to back up my info or pictures & suspect I'm in for a big fat headache/heartache if I have to erase & re-start through I-tunes, if even THAT will work!! Any help gladly welcome.

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Sounds like VoiceOver is activated, you can deactivate this feature simply by slightly pressing 3 times on the home button fast. Then the stupid squares and voice will stop and it might help you proceed.

Depending on what version of iOS you are running, if an update is available through iTunes, go ahead and do it, there was a bug with some phones with the iOS 9 that prevented some phones and some iPads from booting correctly.

Start by removing the VoiceOver functionnality, you should be fine afterward.


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Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your willingness to help me get my I-Pad Air II back on track..

'Attempted pressing the home button 3 times rapidly as you advised 5 times. I also tried rebooting first,. I still have the lines & am not able to log in & the stupid lady on speed. without success. My biggest fear is losing the information & pictures stored.

Question for you: is there a chance if I attempt to install any update through ITunes that my information will be lost?

Am also wondering if I might have caused this by going to websites with potential virus' as I research collectibles & gift items I buy to re-sell (no hanky-panky websites!).

The reason I finally went with Apple products is I was told they are very virus resistant & safe. Am I wrong?

Thanks again, Bruno. Any further help appreciated!


If updates are made withtout doing a restore, you won't lose any datas. If although the update force a restore on the device you'll lose the current informations stored in it.

If any updates are available, you should try doing them, that my save the whole thing.

Good luck!


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My boyfriend and I are US citizens traveling abroad to Spain- unfortunately the sams thing happened to his phone last night- squares would appear over icon box and passcode box, cancel box, etc. Siri even seemed to glitch and repeat the same words over and over activiating SOS. My boyfriend has been so sad the past 16+ hours- not for the phone, but the pictures and memories. After doing more research today, and stumbling upon your response- Bruno, I can’t thank you enough! It indeed was the Voice over feature that had accidentally been activated. After pressing home 3 times-sure enough voice over was checked. We unchecked it and his phone works again!

Thank you So So much!!! You are a memory saver!!


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