How to get LG intuition VS950 Verizon flash to work again

I have this phone i am trying to sell but i wanna be able to fix the flash first, this once once had a backlight problem but after inspecting the motherboard i noticed corrosion under this chip and i decided to desolder it, come to find out the backlight problem went away but now the flash doesn't work, i notice that the flash module connects to this chip that i pulled off. I actually managed to get the flash working again buy using some copper wire, soldering it first with solder then attaching it to this chip that's in the same area that i pulled off the chip and when i connect the copper wire to this bigger circuit chip the flash lights up but stays on and doesn't respond to a flashlight app downloaded from the app store. Photos are attached

Update (10/23/2015)

Block Image

Hope this is clear enough.

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