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Repair and troubleshooting guides for the DeWalt DW106, a discontinued 3/8" variable speed reversing (VSR) drill with a keyless chuck.

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Dropped Drill no response from trigger.

After 8 years of light use I dropped my Dewalt DW106 3/8 in VSR drill. 8 feet to a wooden deck. Since then it is dead. Opening it I see no loose connections. The motor turns freely by hand. The power cord is not frayed at any point. There is no smell or visible evidence of an electrical short inside the plastic shell. Have you any idea what part would be most likely to fail as the result of such a short drop?

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Tried bypassing the switch to see if it will run without it?


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Maybe, like odlturkey03 wrote, the Power Switch itself ist damaged.

Try tu bypass the switch and see if it works.

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control all the wire connectors start from powercable > (supression coils) carbon brushes and their springs) the switch + (L+R ) and the electric field .

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