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Why is my screen all white?

Hi there,

I spilled some Rhum on the key board of my Macbook on the power cord side 3 days ago. I removed the battery and let it dry upside down. The computer worked without any trouble when I swithed it on yesterday, I used it only 5 minutes. when I tried again this morning the screen was plain white. What can be done to fix this? Also would I need to open the Mac and clean the inside? What kind of product can I use?

Thank you heaps for your help!!


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For future reference Christelle, if something spills on it (or another device) you should do the following:

Find out what kind of Mac you have - you can use our ID-Your-Mac tool. Once you know that, open it up using the corresponding guide on one of the device pages for the Mac.

Once you're at a step where you can see the logic board / parts where liquid got into, you should use some strong isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to remove any white-ish residue (corrosion) that you see. Let the device dry <thoroughly> to make sure all liquid is gone (this will likely take a day or two in a warm, dry place if the device is opened up. (Normally, putting a smaller device in a bag of rice can also be useful at this point.) When it is dry, put it back together, and you will have your best chance of it working.

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