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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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How to reconstruct uppercase?


My macbook battery has expanded, breaking the uppercase. Right in trackpad pads, causing it to loose apart. It could even fell of the case!!

I cannot find a new upper case for this keyboard (portuguese version) at any reasonably price. Only full assembled MacBooks for parts!

Falling apart is a real question here!

Does anyone has some advise how to solve this?

Is it possible to glue Polycarbonate?

Some research lead me to this...


Is this a viable solution??

Best Regards

Update (10/08/2015)

hi, thank you for you answer..

I know that the upper case can be replaced and already sneaked into some guides/tutorials about it.

In my case the problem is that the quest for a replaceable uppercase does not reveal so easy.. The vast majority of uppercases that i find were compatible with US an UK Keyboard.. Mine is Portuguese, also qwerty but with a few plus key's! even the design of some keys is different.

So, i am no intending to spend 200€ on a broken Macbook just to extract the uppercase! this is the overall value of mine macbook!

Even though, i need to solve this quickly, i need this mac to be fully operational to be able to finalize my master thesis on schedule!

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The uppercase's for the MacBook can be replaced. Follow this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Upper Case Replacement

I think replacing the uppercase will give you a better repair vs trying to use filler to repair the case. Part of the problem here is you'll need to strip the system down to patch the plastic so why wouldn't you just go with a new part?

Update (10/08/2015)

Here's the note from the manual: "Top Case with Keyboard 661-5590, US Note: Regional top cases have the same base part number, but they include a language code prefix (i.e. F661-5590 for French)"

So in your case you'll need to locate the Portuguese version: Top Case with Keyboard PO661-5590

Here's one source: MacBook White Unibody Top Case & keyboard, Portuguese. I think there lead times are shorter you'll need to call them

Again, I don't see how you can patch up your trackpad without making more of a mess.

But! if time is the issue you can use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard & mouse until you get the correct upper case.

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