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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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GPU issue! Blank Screen but external monitor Works

I got a HP Probook 4520s for repair

At first there was no display at all nor back light. and connecting to an external monitor show grey horizontal lines. windows will load as normal as i can hear the windows sound

then i did a reflow the gpu and when i turn it on. the back light on the lcd turn on but no image and when i connect to an external monitor i working ok and booting in windows..

does it need to reflow it again to see if it solves the problem or a reballing is needed

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Did you do a professional re-flow or a 'put the motherboard in a oven with tinfoil and protect the remaining components with clothing or heat resistant cloth'?

If connecting the laptop to an external display works, then the Laptop is functional and is working, the display backlight or display cable might be broken or bad.

Have you tried shining a very bright light at an angle on the monitor and able to see part of the screen? If you do see the screen with a very bright light, the display back-light has gone bad and needs replacement. If you don't see a screen, you know it's the whole monitor at fault, or cables that need to be connected properly.

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Yes the reflow was done on a reballing machine.. i turns out besides the issue on the gpu there was an issue with the lcd cable as well.. after replacing the cable wroked just fine.

thanks for your response anyway


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