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The first generation Nvidia Shield Tablet released in July 2014. This device is often used for gaming, and has Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities.

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Why won't my tablet respond to the volume control buttons?

Recently I've noticed that the when I press on the volume buttons that are on the side of my tablet there is no response. I've had to resort to using the on screen controls to raise and lower the sound. I have dropped my tablet a few times but only from hip height.

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It's possible that due to impact from those drops, your volume buttons may need replacing. However, before you begin that task, check out the Nvidia Shield Tablet Troubleshooting Page to help out with diagnosing your button issues.

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A drop from any height can disconnect a cable from the logic board. You should either open it up or have someone you trust open it up and check the connection. If the connection is still good the next step would be to replace the component.

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