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Announced September 9th, 2014, this device is Apple's first foray into smart wearables. iFixit's repair manuals are applicable to Apple Watch (steel) and Apple Watch Sport (aluminum).

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Lcd + digitalizer for Iwatch 38

Is there any place to get lcd+digitalizer for iwatch 38?

It is very difficult to find this product as new within internet.

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We are currently evaluating parts and will update this page once we have done this.


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I found the digitizer on eBay but can't find the LCD. What several sites showing a "tear down" don't tell you is the two are glued together. My watch fell off my wrist shattering the screen. Ok no problem. Watched the Ifixit tear down ordered the digitizer from EBay. Well I don't see anyway to remove the broken digitizer from the LCD without ruining the LCD, even with heat.

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I bought an iCloud locked apple watch off eBay and used its screen to replace mine.

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