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Si tratta della 6° replica di Iphone Apple, annunciata il 12 Settembre, 2012. La riparazione di questo dispositivo è del tutto simile a quella delle precedenti versioni di Iphone e richiede l'impiego di cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. È disponbile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16,32, o 64 Gb di memoria, nei colori nero o bianco

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How did I void my iPhone 5 warrenty

so i bought a iphone 5 off of ebay and with the iphone came a warranty card so after a month or so my iphone died and would not come back on so i suspected that my iphone battery had died out i called the place where i had recived my phone from and they sent me a battery and the tools upon request never once did they say that i could void the warranty by lifting the screen up and and after replacing the battery they they phone still would not power on so that when i went ahead and sent the phone in so they could diagnose and fix the problem they said that im having logic board issues with my device so basically what im asking is can they say i voided my warrenty and if so how because there wasn't a disclaimer on the company's website or on the warranty card itself telling me i could void the warranty at all....and do u think this will stand up in court ?

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Did you buy using eBay or Paypal??


i bought it off of ebay but i paid thru paypal at checkout


You could open an ebay or paypal case against then for selling faulty items. As a seller i hate this but at times it needs to be done


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Sorry for your iPhone, but if any work on it is done by anyone not authorized by Apple, the warranty is automatically void.

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