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The Flip Video F260 is a digital video camera. There were 3 model variations: F260N is orange, F260W is white, and F260B is black.

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When powered on, the setup screen appears but doesn't work.

I'm the original owner (2007) and haven't had any trouble until now. When the camera's powered on, the setup screen appears to let you input the settings (HOLD RED BUTTON FOR SETUP) but will not function. Nothing happens and then I can't power it off. I have to remove a battery and interrupt the power to exit. I used new Duracell batteries. I don't have the software uploaded on my current computer as it's Win 8.1 and I never put it on. I have an older desktop that runs WinXp and has the software loaded so maybe I could format the camera. Does this sound promising? Does anyone know what my issue is here?

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Your problem does not sound like a hardware issue, so don't disassemble the device. This sounds like a software issue, so I would recommend doing a factory reset. This will reset all settings and reinstall the software. Make sure all of your photos are saved on your computer before you reset as it will delete all the pictures on the camera.

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