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The slim edition of the classic Xbox 360 with a 250GB HDD and built-in Wi-Fi. Repair requires intricate prying and special tools.

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Red Dot, will not boot

I have been having problems with my Xbox 360S,4GB, manufacture date 9-04-2012. 2 weeks ago the unit required an update. After the update, all offline game history and avatars, gone. 4GB drive, not recognized, asking to be formatted. Attempted formatting, still asks to be formatted.

Spent an hour chatting with tech support trying to resolve this issue. Not a single solution. Recommended I send it in for repair.

Ended up adding a 4 gig flashdrive via USB just so I could download my Xbox Live info.

Today, another update was required. Crashed during update and locked up. Rebooted and got the Red Dot on the power button. Unplugged every cord and waited. Plugged everything back in and unit only beeps, no boot up.

Traded power supplies with another, older, Xbox, and the other xbox boots up fine. Not a power supply problem.

Spoke to Tech Support again. Still no solution. Recommended I send it in for repair at a cost of $79-$99.

This is very unnerving considering I paid $200 for the unit in the first place while it was on sale.

The research I have done shows this is a fairly common problem, yet there is no recall or a free repair offered? Is this because Microsoft knows we have invested a lot of money into our game consoles, accessories, and Xbox Live accounts? So now we are forced to pay for repairs or purchase a new Xbox?

If any others are experiencing the same issue and/or frustrations, please let me know. Perhaps we should get together and have a group discusion and include Microsoft.

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Mike C, so what you've got is the RDOD (Red Dot of Death)Since it is not under warrant, check the optical drive. Apparently it can cause the RDOD :-) Also check Youtube for some decent explanations. This video shows one more trick you can try. If none of that works, open your console and clean the airvents properly of all collected dust and debris, change the thermal paste and try, or consider a reflow. I don't think Microsoft is to interested in recalling it.

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I appreciate your response,oldturkey03. I just think it is ridiculous that this seems to be a very common issue. I'm seeing the same problem in numerous forums and Microsoft's only response is "Send it in for repair".

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Hi :) my 360 is having the red dot issue, it happened same time last year , the cold weather ! I put it in the sun next to the window for a couple hours and then it started working again. Ive now moved it to a different room that has a heater so room doesnt get cold to see if the problem keeps happening. A friend of mine made this suggestion after I'd told him what had been happening :

"Loose solder. Cold contracts making the distance between the connection too far to conduct. Heat expands completing the circuit. Fresh solder is the best fix. No idea where though. Technician is your best option. Or try keeping it warm."

Im wondering if anyone else only gets the red dot when console is cold.

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Hi guys anyone out there to assist me with my x box 360 slim model 1439. It shows red dot and fan just spin for few seconds when I put it on please help


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