The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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What does a keyboard ribbon cable do?

Hi guys.

I have a white MacBook.

I smashed the screen a few months back and got it fixed but now the guy is telling me he broke my keyboard ribbon.

What does it do?

Why do I need it?

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where do i find anothr one?


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The keyboard ribbon cable is a part of the Upper Case, which we sell, but there are many different versions of the "white macbook". Please ID Your Mac to determine which one you have. From there you should just be able to navigate to the parts we sell for your computer and select the Upper Case (it is listed as a Case Component).

As a side note, depending on the severity of the tear and it's location, it can sometimes be fixed. In one of my earlier Macbook repairs (about ~4 years ago) I tore the keyboard cable at the plug. I gave it to the best electronics guy I knew and he was able to re-solder it.

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the ribbon cable connects the keybard/topcase with the logic board - without it - you will have no "internal" keyboard & trackpad

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You will need a new keyboard and possibly trackpad for the MacBook as you can't replace the ribbon cable on it.

Tell the guy he needs to pay for it as he broke the ribbon cable, if it was a professional macbook repair shop or even just a regular computer repair shop they should know how to correctly open the casing on it without ripping the cable (which is quite hard to do, he must have forced the case open quite heavy handed).

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