light gray screen with chime - tried all software solutions


I've tried all of the software solutions to fix my Imac. I've even tried Target mode. I've tried an eternal boot OSX drive. I have three boot drives in my computer with no superdrive. I can't get to the screen to pick one of the drives. Basically I just want to get an idea how to proceed and what are the possibilities of what is wrong. I know one is the logic board. One is the video on the logic board. I hate to open it up because three years ago it was not a fun exercise. But if I need to rule out things that are wrong I will do it. Finally if I can't figure out what is wrong, does Apple fix computers not under warranty? One person said because they modded it so much Apple refused to work on it. Another possibility I guess is to start with the cheapest part to replace. Can another possibility be the led driver board? Finally could it be some tyoe of firmware corruption problem where the Eproms or something similar needs to be replaced?

I have had the logic board replaced once when it was under warranty. The nvidia video went out and I was running just on the Intel video. Since it was under warranty I took it in to get fixed.



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Do you have an external monitor to plug in? If you do see what it shows when you start up.


Yes, I just tried an external monitor with no luck. I did try it with a mini-display port to dvi cable. But that worked before so it should work now. I also have an ip/kvm switch. I tried using the second monitor off of that just in case it would pick it up. No such luck either. So far all I can get to work is PRAM, where you press the four keys. I get the chime, as said before. That's video...The target mode I tried through the firewire cable. Is that a mistake? Should I be doing it through the mini-display port? Because I didn't try that option.


Target Mode needs a second Mac to be connected back to back. Basically, you're turning your system into an external drive. Which could be useful if you need to salvage your files.


Thanks, but I think I was mixing up target disk mode with target display mode. You did give me a good idea though...I believe the 2010 Imac is the last one that can be used as a monitor and not a computer. Need to check this out. If that works it rules out the display being a problem.



Anyone want to come over my house and bring a thunderbolt to mini-display port cable. I don't have one. It doesn't work with dvi or hdmi, according to the documentation. Looks like I will have to buy a cable to see if this will work. I have a 2006 Mac Pro, of course that choice is out. I have a 2014 MacBook Pro which I can use if I get the correct cable.

Target disk mode, firewire to firewire with my 2006 Mac Pro did not work.

It's worth a shot...


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