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A1369 A1466, LCDmodule compatibility?

Hi, I am using MacBook Air A1369(mid2011) MC966LL/A

LCD backlight was not working, and tried to fix it, I broke LCD itself uncortunately. So I'd like to replace whole display module. I found A1369 one but it's pretty expensive, and found A1466's cheaper.

I checked the web and found LCD Panel of A1369 and A1466 are the same (model LP133WP1). But I couldn't find whether whole Display Unit (upper half of MBA) is compatible or not. Are they the same?

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A1369 Display Apple part #

A1466 Display Apple part # 661-6630

These are not listed as interchangeable, although there is a lot of conflicting information on this. Your best bet may be repairing the LCD rather than replacing. If you don't care to do it yourself one of the members here could do it or iFixit and PowerBook Medic also offers this service.

iFixit also offers a credit on this part: DisplayAssemblyCreditProgram

as does PowerBook Medic:

Here's a video on how to do it yourself from one of our esteemed contributors:

This may be your best for you, contact Louis and see if he has a repaired one for sale at his advertised price of $110.

Others that have done it won't do it again: Can I replace just the LCD screen for the A1369 MacBook Air?

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The Lid, LCD, and LCD Connector from an A1466 will fit an A1369. But the webcam/mic connector is different (apparently different number of pins also). So if you don't need the webcam, it will work.


I'm currently having the same kind of issue... Do any of you know if it is possible to swap webcam modules / cables between A1466 and A1369 ?


If you pull the bezel off, you may be able to put in a different webcam. For example, if you're replacing the screen on an A1369, but your replacement screen is from an A1466, you could pull the webcam and wiring from the old A1369 screen, assuming it is still good, and mount it in the A1466. I'm not sure if there are different mounting holes. Look at this webpage: There's also a comment on that page, to the effect that the old cameras were USB interface, but the new ones are PCIe devices. That could explain the different connector.


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