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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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My ipad air 2 battery problem

My ipad air 2 is opening at the sides. I was told that the battery is swollen. Where can I get a replacement battery to buy.

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since its an ipad air 2 I'd suspect it might still be under its 1 year manufacturer warranty. If that's the case, haul that thing to an apple store, you'll probably have to argue that you didn't drop it and cause this problem. You can search your ipads serial number on apples online warranty checker to see if its still covered but I believe it wasn't even released until October of last year so it'd have to still be covered.

Sourcing a quality battery might be hard as the device is still new enough that most have not run into needing a battery replacement yet. Ifixit's store doesn't have it available that I was able to find. Try to avoid ordering it on ebay or amazon. While ebay and amazon both are a great place to get a lot of things, parts for phones and tablets aren't their forte.

Here is a link for a teardown instructions for your ipad. Be very careful opening the ipad as the digitizer is very brittle and for the ipad air 2 since the lcd is attached to it, very expensive if you break it. iPad Air 2 Teardown

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Go here to check your warranty coverage:


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