4th generation of BMW's popular 3 Series line of sedans and coupes.

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using sealant your head gasket

can you use head gasket seal it in a BMW 330 series 2001 is it advisable.

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Tashia Channel, I've never used any kind of sealant for a head gasket replacement. To many water jackets etc. that could clog with any kind of goop from a sealant.

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this answered my question completely. I always wondered about see you then see if the gunk would get in somewhere else and this is proof. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks its way thank you


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I think he is asking about a coolant additive.

If so the answer is no. There are too many small passages and heater valves to clog. If your car is leaking coolant fix the leak, usually the temperature sensor in the lower radiator hose, water pump, or thermostat. If you have been driving it overheated the rigid coolant pipes under the intake are probably broken and you may have damaged the engine block by pulling the threads out of the head bolt holes.

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