Mac Mini Black screen after apple logo, cursor working

Hello everyone I have a Mac mini 2.1 A1176 Mid 2007

Versión 2.0 2x512

Intel core 2 Dúo 2ghz

RAM 1gb DDR 2 667 X2

Video: Intel GMA 950

And every time it boots after the apple logo it stays black but the cursor its working. and thats all, it boots on safe mode (Shift key pressed) but only that. from the rest I installed Lion, Snow leopard, etc only in safe mode but nothing else fix it.

Did a SMC reset (the power button pressed) and all the reset modes on the internet and nothing works, even the Restore CDs didn't do anything

I don't know if the previous owner upgrade the Rom and SMC, I believe the original version is 2.0 but the System Report says it is Mac Mini 2.1. the rom and SMC installed its the next one

Rom: MM21.009A.B00

SMC: 1.19f2

I believe theres another SMC for this version of the mini, But can't change/upgrade it.

Any suggestions??

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