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Sesto modello di iPhone Apple, annunciato il 12 settembre 2012. La riparazione si fa in modo simile alle precedenti versioni di iPhone e richiede cacciaviti e strumenti di apertura. Disponibile con tecnologia GSM o CDMA, con 16, 32, o 64 GB, nero o bianco.

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My iPhone 5 gets charged only when turned off?

My iPhone 5 gets charged only when turned off? It is not recognised by itunes. will changing the charging port solve the problem. i am confused because if there is a problem with the port it shouldn't get charged at all. What to do??

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Niket Gandhi, it is possible that replacing the lightning connector will resolve this. At least it will provide you with a known-good part and will help should further troubleshooting be necessary. You also want to take the opportunity and change your battery. Of course you also want to try to reset all settings just to make sure it is not firmware/software related. Always backup your files and date first, Settings--General--Reset--Reset All Settings

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You can try a new charging port, but it sounds more like an issue with the U2 chip on the logic board.

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Thank you, oldturkey03 and Jason Gan.

Will try replace the port and hope for the best.

i have already smashed my screen my phone is already on borrowed time.

besides all that my battery needs to get recharged 3 times a day and as mentioned earlier it needs to switch off for it.

I know a new phone is due........but really strapped for cash here.. :)))

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