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MacBook Air models with 13" displays

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Intermittent shutdown, power button works intermittently

I have a mba 13 early 2014 edition.

I am experiencing problems after 10.10.4 update.

Have tried fresh install but no luck.

Mba shuts down itself intermittently and power button also doesnt work . power works at its will. If i wait for sometime it works.

This is irrespective of charger connected or not. Battery is charged fully.

And there are no other signs , it just turns off like that

Did smc pram etc luck.

After fresh install ,ran great for a night. And also whenever i put it to sleep it always shuts down. Please help whatami dealing with here.

Its just 15 days past warranty . and i am very scared.

There was no spill or other kind of damage whatsoever.

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Now mac is totally dead, mag safe light wont turn on. no charge.

initially turned off while restoring os , then the ON time kept on decreasing and finally now doesnt turn on.

The mac is only 1 yr old, and the battery health i checked was good and less than 100 cycles . how can it be an issue?


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service center quoted me 35k. But after talking to apple , they were so nice to grant me an exception to treat under warranty as it was just a few days over and problem started kinda near warranty .



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While restarting, click Command + R. When you are at Recovery Utilities, choose Reinstall the OS X.

If reinstallation is not permitted then you would like to erase the existing OS X from Disk Utility. Do it only if the data is not important. If data is important, you may first put you Mac in target disk mode, connect it to another Mac (if available) and save all the data important.

If reinstallation or fresh installation of OS X mitigates this issue, you are fine. If not, your top-case with keyboard seems failing. (In some cases like this I have seen Logic Board failing).

How to figure out if the topcase with keyboard is failing when you do not have replacement parts in hand? Well, you can open the back-pane. Turn on your Mac and quickly, lift up the keyboard latch and pull the keyboard flex out. Let your Mac run without the keyboard and see if it turns off on its own. Do not let it sleep. Keep waking it up using the trackpad. Upon keyboard disconnected, if your Mac still turns off, it's not a keyboard issue. It's most probably logic board issue. Inspect if your logic board shows any sign of corrosion. You may like to take apart completely so that you can see it. Better use magnifying glass to stop it. Sometimes, trapped moisture turns into water with a condensation method internally and impairs the logic board. We do not notice it because we believe that we never spilled water over our Mac.

Hope this helps.

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Did this item see liquid? Sounds like what happens after liquid has hit the keyboard.

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No never spilled liquid.

In fact have been using keyboard protector for some time.


Have you removed the battery and tried this on A/C power only?


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Have given it to the service centre, was panicking out hoping its not big problem.

Will reply once they diagnose it

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