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General How to get into to do maintence hp pavilion dv6-2114sa


I have a 5 year old laptop that is justing to slow and over heating for some time and all I know is that the fan needs to be cleaned and the CPU needs the termal paste replaced.

Now I need to get into it to do it but just dont know to do it the right way. I've took the panals that cover the HDD and the RAM and looked at it and have come stumped how to go farther.

I've know how to build and maintane a tower/desktop computer systems but when it comes to laptops/notebooks/netbooks i know very little. I have the flat/cross head screw drivers to do the job at hand.

Can someone please help me out because I don't want my motherboard or my cpu to get burnt out.


ps my mum has had 2-3 laptop cpu's burnt out over the past decade or so.

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Paul, download the service manual for your computer from here. all the necessary steps are in that manual. Besides the manual, there is also a decent video that may help you out.

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Ok i will try that.


If I have any more problems or questions I will let you know.


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