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Annunciato il 9 settembre 2014, questo dispositivo rappresenta la prima incursione di Apple nel mondo dell'elettronica indossabile. I manuali di riparazione iFixit sono applicabili all'Apple Watch (acciaio) e Apple Watch Sport (alluminio).

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Is the Apple Watch Saphire Glass and the Ion Glass Interchangable?

I have a Apple Watch Sport and I have suffered my first face scratch. I have read and seen test that show the saphire face holds up better than the Ion glass. Rather than get the glass replaced with the same low grade glass, can put the saphire glass in the sport watch?

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Hey Jimmy, the both of them are not interchangeable because both of these glasses were made for separate models. The Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch are two different models engineered differently. Unless a separate manufacturer creates a Sapphire glass for the Sport, it isn't possible at the moment. Check out my previous answer for more details.

-Let me know if this helped.

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I glad for that information. I just hope someone does soon. I don't want to replace it with the same stuff that scratches one day out of the house.


I agree. The Ion glass used on the Apple Watch Sport isn't the best choice Apple made. Thank you for accepting my answer.


The models are actually fairly similar, we used a steel Apple Watch for guides, but the same procedures apply for the Sport, and probably the Edition, too! We can't guarantee part compatibility, but it's looking like they may work together after all.


Even if they are compatible, I wouldn't want to risk losing the water resistance the watch has already by opening it, not to mention the fact the cable that you will more than likely break just opening it.


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While we don't have a functioning Sport Watch to test in house, we do have a working steel Watch so we tested this out!

The Sport display connectors match the steel connectors perfectly, and the Apple Watch powers on with the Apple Watch Sport display.

While this doesn't 100% guarantee that a sapphire display will work on a Sport edition, it seems like there's a good chance it will!

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That's pretty cool! I thought it wouldn't work. Did you test its water resistance?


I'd be interested to know how the water resistance held up to. I don't think it would be near as good as the original resistance though.


Sam Lionheart or a IFixit Pro -

I have a working 42mm sport watch with a cracked Ion display (touch also working)

My local Apple Store would not quote me a price over the phone insisting it needed a full in person eval to determine repair cost... I drove 68 miles just to have a "NON-Genius" quoted me $229 to repair my $349 watch without so much as taking it out of the box (just used the SN off the box).

I would be over-joyed to send it to you to be used to test the sapphire display on it. This would be In exchange for returning it repaired (sapphire display if it fits) within a reasonable 12-16 weeks. I am also willing to pay upto $75 for parts. I also know and accept that once it is repaired it will NOT be water resistant. If you have additional stipulations lets talk...

If for whatever reason this is not possible, could you please provide me with a list of all parts I will need and where to buy them? Also, a link to all the tools I need (sold by ifixit) so I can attempt to do it myself?


Hi all! Water-resistance would probably suffer, yes. We don't have the perfect adhesive for the Apple Watch just yet. So the benefits of swapping your display may not outweigh the increased risks of water damage, so keep that in mind!

T McNulty, we don't do repair in house, so I'll leave it to the community to help you find a repair option that works for you =)


Sam Lionheart,

Are you able to provide me with a list of repair tools and replacement parts I will need? I guess I will just replace it screen with the ion for now...


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